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Oh, God, my first thought was "How I didn’t think of it first?", but rather than punish myself like that albino Da Vinci Code-style, I ...

Again, your coloring and your incredible ability to draw a virtually IMPOSSIBLE and huge background captivate me! This is a true rock c...

Shoud I use my signature in my drawings instead of the watermark? Or both? 

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Fighter Card Gil by alesiaboxing
I got into an art trade with the talend and (as I found out) very kind :iconalesiaboxing:. Here you see her part, in which she brings Gil to life in her style. Since 3D artists generally get their stuff ready much faster than I (specially now, for circumstances you might already know), I was worried about not getting my part ready at the same pace, but Alesia turned out to be very comprehensive and kind to me. And here I thought of Germans as cold-hearted people, my entire life was a lie! Nothing like some comprehension and level-headness in the middle of a f*cking critical period of my life. Thanks so much, Alesia:huggle: I reiterate my word to make my best to fulfill my part of our trade, I won't forget it. And since you liked the idea of Alesia Schumann being hired as Mina's coach, more pictures might come in the future;)

With this picture, the text written by me, with some corrections by Alesia (since I'm a self-taught speaker, mistakes happen).

* *  *

Gil (short for "Giovanna") is an original character by Cid-Vicious that hails from Ottawa, Canada. She was born on April 20 from an upper-middle-class family.

On the paternal side, there's a long tradition of military service in each branch of the Canadian forces, and as the firstborn (she has a younger brother, George), it's was almost certain she would be a tomboy.

Gil's childhood was mostly normal, but since her early years Gil displayed daring behaviour, like jumping from a ravine in a scooter, and was a bit of a daydreamer and a chatterbox, which made the other kids label her as the "loony" one. She had to endure the bullying until it came to a point she fought back, and got hurt even worse. Her father told her to not pick fights, but if you get into one, you have to stand up for yourself, whatever it takes. He then taught her some of the things he learned in the military, including boxing, just like his father taught him.

Before that, as a way to teach her focus and help her burn her seemingly endless energy, her parents enrolled her into a tap dancing class, where Gil excelled, displaying the same machine-gun speed tap as Eleanor Powell. Soon, dancing gave way for gymnastics. This came in handy when she started boxing, for her footwork and agility gave her an edge over bigger opponents. This became the basis for one of her nicknames, "Machine Girl". Her fierceness and striking beauty as she matured, however, gave birth to a more poetic nickname: "the Green-Eyed Devil".

Gil often attacks fiercely in the first round, trying to stun and either break her opponent's defenses or tire them to prepare for the KO shot. When fighting as a kickboxer, Gil tends to alternate kicks and punches during her initial onslaught to trap her opponent against the ropes or the corner and mow them down as much as possible before the bell rings.

Gil, as badass, as she might be seen, is not invincible. Her overconfidence and cockiness sometimes gets the best of her, be it when she loses a fight or displays unsportsmanlike behaviour like boasting way too much after winning. Her fierceness was also criticized because some people expected more of a show or because she seemed merciless. She tries to tone down such aspects and balance things out as her career and life go on with the help of her other masters. Her father wanted her to learn from many people and Deborah Kranz was one of them:…

Besides boxing, Gil also practices Muay Thai, having sparred with Irin Lee more than a couple of times and forming a friendship with the Thai champion. She has taken part in mixed martial arts championships more than once, as seen here:…

This story written by :icongabrielraven: really brings Gil to life.
Royal Model
Crown Princess Wilhelmina of Germany, in one of her modelling gigs for charity. Taking advantage of her fondness for combat and water sports, the future German Empress does occasional modeling works for various brands, wearing combat gear, swimsuits and other kinds of sportswear, proudly displaying her curvaceous body. This had to have a back view as well, but I couldn't make it in time to colour all of them at once, thus ensuring the same shading and tones for each picture.

Does she looks like a "plus size" girl for you? For me, a bit more of flesh in the right places doesn't hurts, and some plus size models have the prettiest faces I have ever seen.
Sketch - Boxer Braids
Trying to learn how to draw this tribby popular hairstyle amongst female fighters, called "boxer braids" or "Dutch braids". Initially I imagined Mina with a single braid, but since her hair is very long (past her waist), double braids seems more practical and look VERY Germanic. Mina is technically a "plus-size" girl, but I couldn't not resist to emphasize her musculature here, for greater contrast.

These days, I came up with an explanation for this question: "If Mina is a princess, why the heck I only draw her as just another fighter, instead of getting her in a pretty dress and jewelry already?!"

Then the answer came up: "She is making a real job out of her hobby. Once awhile, she takes part in campaigns as a fitness or just regular model, and her earnings are directed to the charities under her name, like the fund for children with special needs, like her cousin, Princess Greta, who has Down's Syndrome".

What do you think? A royal who actually works to get her own money to finance her charities and enterprises? This is actually commonplace with the "background" members of any royal family, like those who are so damn low in the succession line that they don't even care (and so does the royal treasure, which doesn't sees them as a priority for obvious reasons). But since Mina is the first one in her line and is still young this might be only opportunity to experience the trials of money-earning and inspire German youth to do something with their lives.


The Emperor of Canada
Olá! Após anos sendo meu único fã, eu posso publicar meus desenhos no DeviantArt! Espero que gostem, porque essa é a função da arte acima de tudo: libertar a imaginação...

Hi! After years being my only fan, I finally can publish my drawings on DeviantArt! I hope you enjoy, because the function of the art is, above of all, unleash the imagination...

Current Residence: Somewhere in Brazil
Favourite genre of music: Anything that sounds good
Favourite photographer: Robert Capa
Favourite style of art: Art do not depends of style.
Favourite cartoon character: So many, but the villains are the most interesting of any plot
Personal Quote: "My freedom is write. The word is my domain over the world" - Clarice Lispector
I know I might take some time to respond my latest notes and messages, but please be patient. I'm undergoing a pyschiatric treatment, and sometimes I'm not in the mood or sleep-drunk to respond. Or doing house chores to help my mother, who is also in the midst of her her own treatment. But rest assured, people with whom I assumed a compromisse, trade or shared ideas, I'll do my best to keep in touch with you, because DA is one of the few things that kept my sanity over the years of verbal and psychological abuse that ended up forcing me to seek professional help.

Thanks for your comprehension and be well:hug:


Almost lost EVERYTHING stocked in my pen drive, where I keep my works in motion. Literally, I was THIS CLOSE of losing everything I'm currently working on. I had the GREAT LUCK of managing to get back the data and transfer it to a fresh unit, let's just hope it won't have the same end as its predecessor.
  • Listening to: Vlogs
  • Reading: Notes I have to respond
  • Watching: My life going down the pipe
  • Playing: Nothing
  • Eating: Valda tablets
  • Drinking: Water


Requests: CLOSED.
Art Trades: :iconironbloodaika:, :iconkeytaro:
I draw when I want or if I feel right, then I don't have deadlines. Deal with it.



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