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August 12, 2011
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Trent leading Gwen to the middle of a frozen lake to skate a little. "Donít worry. I hold you if you fall":heart:

Lately, there are virtually no more fan art of Gwen and Trent. At least as the sweet couple they used to be. Everything revolves around the DxCxG scandal. I think good things should be kept the way they used to be. D with C, G with T, pizza and ice cream. A picture inspired by the first season, when Gwen wasnít a whore, and Trent was not a boring lunatic who was conveniently discarded so that Duncan could fuck with his own relationship and destroy Gwenís reputation.

Gwenís outfit :icontdi-exile:
Trentís outfit :iconladyk:

Gwent: still alive!:D
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Lindo desenho! Gwent precisa mesmo de mais amor :D. Tomara que eles voltem um dia
Seria ótimo se eles voltassem algum dia. Talvez num episódio mostrando os campistas já como adultos, mas, sabendo como é o Chris, ele faria parecer que as vidas deles deram errado e que Gwen virou viciada e Trent virou um transsexual na Malásia. Sabe como é o Chris...:evillaugh:
LOL XD O Chris nunca deixa de me divertir XDD
Eu to mesmo ť ansiosa pra 5™ temporada de que t„o falando
Brainstormer623 Mar 2, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Gwen's on ice, alright. Thin ice. Zing!
Brainstormer623 Apr 12, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I bet if it was Duncan skating with her, than Courtney would be under the ice (If it was frozen but still had water underneath) and would be cutting the part of the ice Gwen's standing on with a saw.
just...just...just...just...EPIC! AMAZING! and others xD :+favlove:
comentator12 Sep 20, 2011
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