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Somewhere Over the Rainbow by DecaffeinatedGeorgie

Oh, God, my first thought was "How I didn’t think of it first?", but rather than punish myself like that albino Da Vinci Code-style, I ...

Raise Your Glass by TotalDramaPrincess

Again, your coloring and your incredible ability to draw a virtually IMPOSSIBLE and huge background captivate me! This is a true rock c...



Sketch - For My Most Loyal Citizen by Cid-Vicious
Sketch - For My Most Loyal Citizen
Okay... Okay... Try to stay calm! That's what I saying to myself....

About a week ago, I had an idea for what was to be an humorous picture inspired by Prince Wu and Mako in Season 4 of the Legend of Korra. It resulted in Wu taking a picture with Grandma Yin at Mako's request to make her happy, as she is a die-hard monarchist. Heck, when her house was in flames and she could only get one thing out, she instantly grabbed the Queen's portrait (mind you, an official photograph readly avaiable in any shop), and once in the airship, she hung it it solemny and uttered "May she rest in peace", and you kow she means it. Most real-world monarchs would be envious of such undying loyalty.

Yes, Yin is still loyal to MOTHERFUCKING Earth Queen Hou-Ting. Being a monarchist doesn't clouds my judgement towards royal figures of authority - at least I think so -, fictional or not. I think even though Hou-Ting didn't deserved such a brutal death she didn't deserved the throne either! And poor Kuei didn't deserved to sire such an awful child (I mean, yeah, she overtaxed her subjects, big deal... BUT WTF SHE ATE BOSCO?!? YOU BITCH!). He was truly an unlucky guy... I wonder if Hou-Ting's mother was either Azula or the snotty Lady Mac-Mu Ling (the head of the poetry club Sokka visited in "Tales of Ba Sing Se"), 'cause only that could explain how bad genes supressed his own.

But, the main deal with this was, aside from my shock, the feel I may have lost what could have been a mention on TV TROPES is devastating. By just two days... Oh well, I always lose every opportunity so I don't feel that bad. I used to losing. But this only provided me a reason to color it! Maybe... Oh no... I'LL MAKE A FANART IN TIME! WOOOOOOO!!!

I like Prince Wu, tell you the truth, even though his original job was to be the replacement for Bolin's role as the comical relief. In this episode, he said the word "Thank you" more time in a sentence that his "wonderful" great-grandaunt may have said in her entire life!
LxA - Rainy Day by Cid-Vicious
LxA - Rainy Day
As much as I love senseless violence just many of my current watchers, I don't draw just that, you know? Sometimes, I like to make cute, endearing things like this sketch.

Here, Leo and Anita as little children. Most of their images shows them as young adults in "interesting situations" but I like them as kids as well. Reminds me of another young couple I used to draw...
Gil vs Joy - Nice Punch... by Cid-Vicious
Gil vs Joy - Nice Punch...
Sequel to Gil vs Joy - Or No...

* * * 

Joy's unexpected skills may have surprised the crowd, but...

Gil is not impressed;)

* * * 

Since I didn't had hand-drawn panels ready for all the scenes, I decided to color the rest digitally. I hope you like it:)


The Emperor of Canada
Olá! Após anos sendo meu único fã, eu posso publicar meus desenhos no DeviantArt! Espero que gostem, porque essa é a função da arte acima de tudo: libertar a imaginação...

Hi! After years being my only fan, I finally can publish my drawings on DeviantArt! I hope you enjoy, because the function of the art is, above of all, unleash the imagination...

Current Residence: Somewhere in Brazil
Favourite genre of music: Anything that sounds good
Favourite photographer: Robert Capa
Favourite style of art: Art do not depends of style.
Favourite cartoon character: So many, but the villains are the most interesting of any plot
Personal Quote: "My freedom is write. The word is my domain over the world" - Clarice Lispector
I have two questions for you people:

1- When I drew the colored sketches for "Gil vs Joy" I haven't drew enough for, say, a coherent story. So far, I still need some to fill in and make the story more balanced. Do you want me to make more sketches (and, in turn, are you willing to wait for it?).

2- I know practically none of you may have interest in that but it never hurts to ask: is there anyone who knows a bit of heraldry or knows someone who deals with it here in DA who could help me with a design?

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Leo, olha isso aqui

I love Gil. by Drawing-4Ever
Drawing-4Ever Featured By Owner Nov 12, 2014
Ei Leo, se liga nisso aqui:…
Cid-Vicious Featured By Owner Nov 12, 2014
Drawing-4Ever Featured By Owner Nov 12, 2014
É isso aí!!
Cid-Vicious Featured By Owner 6 days ago
Eu queria um dia fazer algo assim, um "animatic". Você já fez alguma animação?
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You are awesome bro I love your art and I love her story to   Aww I love prinzessin so sad :( (Sad) but I  love Love 
Jose-Ramiro Featured By Owner Nov 3, 2014
Hope you like it.

Boxing Gil vs Joy by Jose-Ramiro
InvaderMurilo Featured By Owner Oct 19, 2014
otimos desenhos!
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Muito obrigado!:D
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Your art style is amazing and I love the designs of your OCs.
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