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Oh, God, my first thought was "How I didn’t think of it first?", but rather than punish myself like that albino Da Vinci Code-style, I ...

Raise Your Glass by TotalDramaPrincess

Again, your coloring and your incredible ability to draw a virtually IMPOSSIBLE and huge background captivate me! This is a true rock c...

Since there is less and less chance for "Gil vs. Joy" end this year, should I upload sketches and color then later so the comic won't die? 

16 deviants said YES!
6 deviants said I'm a were-platypus....
1 deviant said NO!


Nov 26, 2015
5:36 pm
Nov 26, 2015
5:05 pm
Nov 26, 2015
4:20 pm
Nov 26, 2015
3:04 pm
Nov 26, 2015
2:35 pm



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Commission - You Will Go Down by Cid-Vicious
Commission - You Will Go Down
10th round.

"Is it possible ?! Why won't you fall?"

Gil liked to have an opponent worthy of her talent and strength. It meant a more interesting and challenging fight. But at some point it ceased to be fun. Dan's resistance became irritating. She would've broken someone's jaw with so many uppercuts and directs that given in Daniel's face and chin, but he was still standing. How dare he! Gil felt the effort costs: her upper body was covered in bruises and the blood from her mouth and nose had mingled with the sweat. The muscles in her arms and thighs were pounding and the clinch was becoming a test of her strength, as if instead of boxing that was a rugby match between the Springboks and the All Blacks, but with no Nelson Mandela to fly over the stadium and win the match for South Africa (well, that's how Gil remembers Invictus... Well, after many punches in the head, what do you expect?). Gil wondered when she would hit the blow that finally would make Dan hit the mat and stay there.

A commission for :iconalveus:, featuring his character Daniel "Dan" Halifax figthing Gil in a boxing match. They are evenly matched, struggling to get the upper hand on each other.

Normally, I don't upload commission but I liked this one because of the coloring, even if I have this odd feeling about Gil's face in profile. I tried to make it after Korra's but I suck at female profiles. At first I wished to make it as I normally do but I decided to try. Aside from that, everything went smoothly. As of now, I think :iconalveus: liked the result from the preview I sent him. Even so, I still have to become used with drawing female profiles.

Daniel "Dan" Halifax belongs to :iconalveus:
Gil, of course, belongs to me:)
Imperial Brazilian Army - Lieutenant General by Cid-Vicious
Imperial Brazilian Army - Lieutenant General
I wished I had completed the whole chart of uniforms for the Army but I decided to just post what I have so far. Here's a Lieutenant General of the Imperial Brazilian Army. As indicated by the sleeve insignia, he is a member of the Imperial Staff and his chest badge indicates he concluded the Parachutist course.

Made using the base by :icontounushifan: as reference:)
Academia Brasileira de Letras by Cid-Vicious
Academia Brasileira de Letras
The Brazilian Academy of Literary Arts ("Academia Brasileira de Letras" in original Portuguese) was founded in 1893 by Machado de Assis, one of our most renowned writers (of whom I haven't read a book at all. There was a psychedelic miniseries about him on TV but it was too "artistic" for my taste). A Mulatto, monarchist and francophile, Machado de Assis must have had the idea for this uniform from the gala liveries used by the Brazilian imperial court ministers and the uniform worn by the French Academy, blending them to Brazilian taste. Green and yellow are the national colors of Brazil. With Rachel de Queiroz's election, a female uniform was created, which is little more than a long dress with gold trim.

Along with uniform there is also a marlin and bicorne hat, but these are only used in the inauguration and many members end up sharing these objects to these ceremonies.

The Academy has a duty to ensure the official Brazilian language, Portuguese (NOT definitively Spanish, as many insist to think, no way in Hell), and ensure that it is always up to date and in accordance with the spelling agreements between Brazil and Portugal, which recently unified the spelling of many words of our common language. Some time ago, while Brazilians used "F", Portuguese used "PH" and there is still the question of accent (the best way to differentiate a Brazilian from a Portuguese). Who has experience with American and British English, or Classical Spanish and Latin American Spanish will know what I mean. An example: in Portugal, the word "puto" is a synonym for "boy." In Brazil, be careful when using this word: If you call someone a "puto", it's like call of "motherfucker", "SOB" or "bastard" and in this context it's a heavy curse word. It can also be used as an adjective for anger: "Eu tô muito puto!" ("I'm really damn F***** pissed off" *imagine this in Samuel L. Jackson's voice for a better impression*).

The Academy launches dictionaries and books with the official vocabulary every time that a new spelling agreement is signed. Which is mostly every five or six years.

To be elected to a seat, a candidate must generally be a writer of large projection or academic success (which usually makes them unknown to the general public) and have an active and positive presence in society. Academics are known as "Immortals", and some say it's because they are elected they are almost immortal, for the overwhelming majority of Immortals has over 75 years of age and occupy their seats for the short time they have left on Earth.

Like the French Academy, the Brazilian Academy has some politicians in its midst. The election of former president of Brazil and eternal president of the Senate José Sarney was seen as a signal of indulgence to our politicians, and now the also former president Fernando Henrique Cardoso (1994-2002) was also elected to a seat, and Ronaldinho won an honorary award from the Academy (WTF?!). For many, this and Paulo Coelho's election show a desperate attempt by the Academy to have some visibility in modern society, but in fairness Coelho is a successful writer and not as bad as many say (I read four of his books, if I remember correctly) , and is also a Knight of the Legion of Honor of France. But what I know of literature? I'm a more or less normal person and I read for fun.

In this universe, the Academy has government funds for the maintenance of its headquarters, the Petit Trianon (a smaller replica of the original Trianon in Versailles), traditions and operation. The Immortals are automatically invited to the coronation and funeral of the Emperor of Brazil and other events sponsored by the Imperial House, and the monarch also chairs the first session of the year since 2004 and is the honorary president of the Academy, as well as other organs as the Brazilian Historical and Geographical Institute and the Imperial Academy of Sciences.

This uniform is made in the old standard, used until the 1950s The most modern design, in my opinion, does not give sufficient emphasis to the gold coffee leaves.

Someday I might do the uniform of the Academie Française. Maybe. Who knows?:)
Joy's Emotions by Cid-Vicious
Joy's Emotions
I saw a Flash animation about the movie "Inside Out" (in Brazil "Divertidamente") and decided to look after some information about it. Since it's Pixar, I though it must nice. I haven't saw the movie yet but I really want to now.

It gave me inspiration to make some sketches out of those related to art trades and commissions.

So, these are Joy's emotions. "Joy", in this case, is my OC, Jocelyn "Joy" Meissner. I tried to make some for Gil too but I guess I lost the momentum. Maybe later, who knows?

I tried to make them resemble Joy as much as the original film characters.

"Inside Out" and its characters belong to Pixar.


The Emperor of Canada
Olá! Após anos sendo meu único fã, eu posso publicar meus desenhos no DeviantArt! Espero que gostem, porque essa é a função da arte acima de tudo: libertar a imaginação...

Hi! After years being my only fan, I finally can publish my drawings on DeviantArt! I hope you enjoy, because the function of the art is, above of all, unleash the imagination...

Current Residence: Somewhere in Brazil
Favourite genre of music: Anything that sounds good
Favourite photographer: Robert Capa
Favourite style of art: Art do not depends of style.
Favourite cartoon character: So many, but the villains are the most interesting of any plot
Personal Quote: "My freedom is write. The word is my domain over the world" - Clarice Lispector
How many of your people have a Patreon? Can you guys help me with it?


Requests: CLOSED.
Art Trades: :iconironbloodaika:, :iconkeytaro:
I draw when I want or if I feel right, then I don't have deadlines. Deal with it.



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Drawing-4Ever Featured By Owner 3 hours ago
Leo, veja como uma baixinha acerta uma grandona.
Drawing-4Ever Featured By Owner 3 hours ago
Dá uma boa tática pra Gil. esquiva e "BOOM!".
Olha eu aqui jogando contra a Deborah.
Drawing-4Ever Featured By Owner Nov 5, 2015
Cid-Vicious Featured By Owner Nov 5, 2015
Eita, Deborah gosta de levar umas porradas;)
Ah, boas notícias: estou de férias e vou limpar esse pulgueiro que é o meu quarto. Logo poderá me visitar!:)
Drawing-4Ever Featured By Owner Nov 5, 2015
¬¬ Mas eu não estou de férias...
Cid-Vicious Featured By Owner Nov 5, 2015
Oh dorga!:(
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Patriot1776 Featured By Owner Edited Nov 2, 2015  Hobbyist Writer
Dunno if you ever saw, but a screencap from Deborah's fight against the first opponent who actually managed to utterly bust-up and break down her iron-like body: Deborah vs. Irin Rd 5 Pt 1 By Frostburn27 by Patriot1776   Irin Lee managed to actually do it.  But this was from early in Deborah's career, still working to be a contender, and all Deborah had at this point was that indestructible body and devastating sledgehammer-like power.  Her parrying defense was not there yet, and she was as slow as a dump truck, she was like a WW2 battleship in the ring at this point, while Irin Lee was on the other hand like a heavily armed jet fighter who utterly exposed Deborah's glaringly missing speed and defensive skills, but had to land blow after blow after blow, round after round to eventually break Deborah apart, while Deborah very nearly put Irin out in round 4 when she managed to land a cannon-blast left to Irin's fragile head.
Cid-Vicious Featured By Owner Nov 3, 2015
Oh, I saw this one. I follow :iconfrostburn27:'s work. The similarities of this match and Gil and Deborah's training is precisely that Gil's main strenght in the ring is her speed and footwork (she is also a dancer, so it's explained). Gil's Dad hopes Deborah's training will give Gil some more resistance and brute strenght. This will come in handy when Gil takes on Irin someday:)
frostburn27 Featured By Owner Nov 3, 2015
That is the very first time Irin put on boots and get herself into boxing ring, given that she feels like her feet get trapped to the canvas and unable to use the rest of her arsenal, she was having a very difficult time against Deb in that match. 
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